Candidate Relationships
Welcome to James Mc Erlean Search and Selection

James Mc Erlean is a full service Search and Selection consultancy filling middle and senior vacancies, the majority of which fall into a salary/package band of £40k - £100k, although we fill roles with salaries beyond this. We are retained by clients to recruit for specific roles either through press advertising or targeted search (and their online equivalents), or a combination of approaches.

We respond quickly and clearly when replying to candidates' applications whether these are speculative submissions or relate to a specific advertisement. We communicate with candidates at all stages of an assignment so that they know exactly where they stand in relation to a particular role:

  • A letter or e-mail for those unsuccessful at the initial response stage;
  • Mutually convenient arrangements for those invited for interview;
  • Speedy notification of the outcome of first and any shortlist interviews, including feedback;
  • Impartial, dedicated support from the consultant handling the assignment throughout the whole process - full briefing and de-briefing before and after client interviews.
  • An assurance of confidentiality and sensitivity throughout the assignment.

Ensuring that candidates have the best possible experience when involved in a James Mc Erlean recruitment assignment is also very important to us. For that reason, every candidate interviewed by a James Mc Erlean consultant is asked to give us feedback about his or her experience via a confidential questionnaire. This is sent within a couple of weeks of an assignment being completed so that we can directly address any issues that arise and put in place, if necessary, corrective measures for the future.

For more information on the kind of issues that we believe to be important to candidates, please visit Resources.




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